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Picture your brand as the face and soul of your company, that is why it is imperative to create the ideal identity that will describe in detail what your brand is all about. Our team of experts will download the ideas from your brain to come of with the perfect image that will get stuck in your clients minds.

Our service include:

  • Brand Manual

  • Logo Design

  • Business Cards and creative stationery design

  • Facebook Cover

Social Media

Social media help your business be more successful, increasing your brand recognition and with our help saving you time and money. By using Social Media a brand or organization can communicate every day making the messages more relevant for it’s followers or fans. We will curate your content and handle Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for you establishing your brand as a reference in the industry.

Web Design

You know that in order to have a successful business nowadays it is extremely important to count with a outstanding web presence. Our team strives to create mind blowing sites that direct viewers to the most vital information, giving them what they want. We will develop for you a unique and impacting website guaranteeing an amazing and dynamic customer experience in every device. The best of all, is that we do it for Free.

*Up to 4 pages, with social media management annual contract.

Startup Development

Stuck with an Idea?, let's make it a reality!

Our goal is to assist you in any possible manner to make you a successful entrepreneur.

For that reason we decided to combine and offer all our services in one integrated package designed to suit your budget. This package will include:

  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • And a guaranteeed hand to hand guidance from our marketing specialists team

We are a digital marketing agency; we innovate to help others become more social, and with it a more successful business. We accomplish that goal through the development of unique but exciting strategies in the digital world. The way The Social Us prepares proposals is by linking what the spirit of the Brand and the reality of the business will be.

“Ideas are nothing but a dream. As a marketing agency, The Social Us will put the ideal minds to successfully accomplish that dream”


We provide affordable digital marketing and social media services for startups