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Painless payments

One of our tech ventures, Jimbe is a flexible point-of-sales that connects online with banks and digital wallets to allow the usage of cryptocurrency.


Switching up between currencies, payment forms, and cards is annoying… and thanks to Jimbe, it’ll be completely unnecessary as well. This new app was conceived by our IT team after realizing our technology when it comes to point of purchase devices feels stale and outdated.

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Hardware wise, Jimbe works almost like a standard POS machine that can work with LAN, Wifi, and GPRS modules through multiple phone lines in multiple ways and allowing the users to pay using different methods.



As a business, your website is the first thing people see when they’re looking for you online, so you need to make that “first date” count. The Social Us Design team is specialized in making not only good looking websites, but also mobile friendly, easy to navigate and intuitive ones, so your visitors may be engaged by them and eventually turn into customers.


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